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There are a number of tools, sites and programs that you will use in order to advertise and get a better SEO of your site.

Here is a pretty good starting list.

The first 3 sites are mandatory for you to do affiliate marketing.

PayPal      This is a resource that you will have to have.
PayPal is an online bank that accepts payments and pay payments for all of your sold and purchased products and then either cuts you a check or now does direct deposit. Almost all products use PayPal. PayPal does not sell products. They do collect and disperse all incoming monies to your account.
Signup is free.

ClickBank      Another resource that you will need.
ClickBank is the Internet's leading retailer of digital products. Whether you're looking to sell, promote, or buy digital products, ClickBank has what you are looking for. Clickbank is a repository of affiliate products that you can easily sign up for and promote on your sales site for commission on sold products.
Signup is free.

Commission Junction      Another resource you will need.
Commission Junction is the same type of company as ClickBank. They have thousands and thousands of products that you can promote on your site and get commissions.
Signup is free.

Web site and web page tools and software

KompoZer is a free HTML editor with wysiwyg capabilities and also includes a free FTP program to download your sites to your hosted area.

Another free HTML editor.

A HTML editor and FTP program. A free trial is available. This guy is EASY. Drag and drop style. We use coffeecup for several of our sites.

FileZilla is a free FTP program in open source. Great graphical interface. Our favorite.

And now for products that will help you promote your sites.

A Blog is a "web-log" and is a platform that allows you to instantly post information on the web. Most people use a blog to post their feelings on a subject, have other people interact with their ideas, keep in touch with friends and post photos. In our case we use the Blogs to promote our sites by way of rich content articles that point to our sites. This provides us valuable back links (links to our sites) that the current search engines are looking for. The more related back links to your sites, the higher page rank you will have. A powerful tool.
There are literally hundreds of blog companies available for use but we really like Blogger. Blogger is free with a simple setup. There are many page templates to choose from and has a neat drag and drop style. Simple, powerful, this is the one.
Bloggers main sign on page: Blogger

EZine Articles
An E-Zine is an article posting site that will post your written article to the web. Write a 500 word or so article about your site and place your URL at the bottom and people that read the article will click on your link. Another way of achieving back links to your site.
EZine Articles is one of the premier article sites and has a simple setup and a "wysiwyg" interface. Nice and clean and certainly one of the largest on the web. Sign Up! It's FREE.

Go Articles
Go Articles is another ezine site and also one of the largest and most reputable. Again used to post articles and boost your SEO. It's free to sign up. Sign Up!

Delicious is a social bookmarking site. A link is put on your page and any one who clicks the link has your site bookmarked. A great way to add links to your page. Free.

There are many more free article directories and other social bookmarking tools and sites on the web but the above mentioned are a few of the best.

Sign up for all of the links on this page and use them according to your needs. They really help.

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