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What is SEO?  What is Page Rank?

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Traffic, traffic, traffic.
Traffic is the key!


Traffic is the number of visitors that you get to your web site. The more traffic the better. In order to get traffic to your site, the search engines need to index your site and index the search keywords of the site. Indexing is when a search engine finds your site by way of a searching program called a robot (bot) or spider and then reads your site for keywords, links and then checks the keywords against the content on each page. They then rate your site on the relevancy of the keywords to the content. Once the keywords and content of your site are indexed and in the search engines database, your site can be found by a web browser search.

How do we get traffic?


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of designing a site with targeted keywords and phrases that improve the chance that your site will appear in the search engine result pages (SERP). The better your site is optimized the better the chances that you will be placed in the top of the search results. This is IMPORTANT. The higher your page in the results, the more traffic your pages will have and the better chance that you will get a conversion (sale).

SEO is based upon the keywords you have in the <head> <meta> section of your page and then use of the same keywords in the actual content of your page. The search engines look at the keyword tag in the <meta> and then compare the words to the content of the page thinking that if the words are used in the content they are relative to the page. Some sites "keyword load" the page content. This means that they use the keywords too many times trying to get a better value or page rank of their page. The search engines are wise to this and will actually give the page a lower page rank since they think, correctly, that the page owner is trying to pull one over on the ranking system.

Other locations for relevant keywords are the Page Title and all Headers used on the page.

Page Rank

Page Rank (PR) is Google's method to measure the importance and relevance of a web page according to its popularity and quality of inbound links to the page.
Google uses a number of different ways to define the page rank of a page. The ranking is from 1 to 10 and depends entirely upon the relevancy of the pages content, incoming and outgoing links and other factors in order to gauge the relevancy and popularity of the page. If other sites are linking to your site, your site must have relevance to them. In short-the more quality incoming links to your site from other peoples sites will give you a better page rank and place you higher in the search results. Page rank is basically the importance of your site by link popularity.

SEO and PR is better covered in depth with examples and tools at the The Best Biz Review.

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Now lets step aside for a minute and look at Niche sites. Currently one of the most popular marketing programs around the net.

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