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Niche marketing is promoting a product or information to a very narrow audience and making money by way of affiliate marketing or pay per click.

Niche marketing is not very difficult but it is a bit time consuming. The purpose is to find an undeveloped niche, create a few pages of information pertaining to the niche, get the site indexed and then adding Google adsense ads to the pages. Your payout is from visitors clicking on the ads for more information. Pay Per Click. As visitors click on the advertisements on your page, you make a percentage of what the marketers are paying (Adword) to use the keywords in the ad. This is not a great amount of money.

So how do you make money in Niche Marketing?

Lets figure it this way. You make 5 dollars a day on your "roller blade" niche site or 35 dollars a week or $1820.00 a year. Not to bad over a years time.
OK, but that is not much money. Certainly not enough to live on or quit your job. But what if you had 10 niche sites that made the same?
Whoa-$18,200.00 a year. Now that's more like it!
Who says you can't do 20 or 40 niche sites? Now we are talking money.
The beauty of niche sites are that they run by remote control from the day they are made. You do not necessarily have to update them since the topic and information does not change and the paid ads are constantly being updated by the search sites. The ads stay fresh according to the niche page that you wrote and the pay per click just keeps coming in.

The most important things to consider on a niche site are:

*  Try to get a domain name that is tightly related to the sites content. Then you are almost guaranteed to be listed in the top of the search pages.
*  Research for top tier keywords and use them in the page title and throughout the pages.
*  Do 4 or 6 pages of content of about 250 to 500 words and link to the next page but not back to the top page.
*  Be certain to have a site index page, called a sitemap. This is not considered one of the 4 or 6 pages. The site map/index lets the search engines find all pages quickly for indexing.
*  After the site and pages have been indexed, you place Google adsense ads on the pages. This can take some time to accomplish.
*  Use article marketing and blogging to further promote your sites and create links to them. Just short articles and posts that are related to the content of the particular site you are promoting. This creates the back links to your site and will give you greater page rank.

Niche marketing is a bit of work but it is a great way to have a consistent stream of income from Adsense advertising. This technique is one of the only real "set it and forget it" plans.

Do one niche site a week for a year and you can compute the earnings.

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