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Beginning Internet Marketing


A beginners guide to internet marketing

Tutorials and Information
As a Beginning Internet Marketer you will need to learn a large amount of information.

As you have searched the web for home based business's you have seen quite a number of get rich quick sites, easy money from home sites and many glamorous lifestyle sites. These are always a losing proposition for a beginner. You just don't have the infrastructure set up with the knowledge and skill set available to you yet to monetize their information. We suggest that you steer clear of these products for the time being. Don't waste your money on products that you can't use yet and no matter how good their sales pitch you will be disappointed.

The real truth is that you need to have a quick education so that you will not be fooled by over-the-top marketers selling a lot of hype and your wasting money on get rich quick scams.

This education can be accomplished in many ways. You can search for beginning marketing training and sign up for many of the email information areas. You can search and read information on hundreds of sites trying to piece together all of the information and ideas that you come across; and this takes way too much of your valuable time.

Or, you can read the very basic information pages on this site in order to get a good idea of all of the pieces that as an absolute minimum you have to be aware of to build your home based internet business.

But, this site is an information site and you will need to have a much better education than just knowing the basic information and definition of terms and how they work.

We have looked at several “Getting Started” educational and training programs and found that one in particular has the most pertinent information for beginners and intermediate marketers; including web pages, training and informational videos, step by step tutorials and a fantastic money back guarantee.

This site is an absolute must for the beginner.

Go directly to the Number 1 Rated for 2008 training site home page .

Mike has put together one of the best, most informative and easy, internet marketing education sites we have ever seen. He takes you from the very beginning with explanations of all of the different methods of making money on the internet by way of videos and small projects and continues through to creating your own consistent money making streams.

We wish we would have had this information when we first started. It would have saved us countless hours of effort and a good amount of money spent on programs that were either incomplete, to difficult for a beginner to use, or barely worked, but with no money or knowledge gained. This information would have helped us not only in trying to figure out what was going on and how it worked but also how to choose the best and most profitable income streams that will continue to pay you over and over again. After all, this is what we all want!

Hands down this is the best information and training product available today.

Go to Mike's page and check through the site for more information:  Introduction to Internet Marketing .

We will cover multiple programs and marketing styles in more depth in the following sections.

There are a number of things we need in order to have a selling web presence so lets start at the top and work through them. Domains and hosting accounts

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