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Google is the largest web search company on the internet. How did they get this way?
Google has software programs called bots or spiders that search the internet for web pages and web links. The software categorizes all of the web pages from their keywords (search terms) and the web pages content (checks for the keywords in the content), it then indexes the page according to the relevance of the material on the page and then serves up the most relevant page to you when you search by a particular keyword or keyword set.


A keyword is the word(s) you type in your browsers or Google's search field.

These words have a certain importance during a search. For instance, if you type CAR in the field you will get millions of hits on that keyword. It is too vague. But if you type 2008 Ford Mustang in the field, all of your hits will have the 3 parts of the search in the results. The first results on the page will be related to the search term in its correct order, "2008 Ford Mustang" (most relevant to your search term) and as you go deeper through the results, they will be in any order and eventually only parts of the search such as Ford or Mustang. Now if you are selling 2008 Ford Mustangs on your site you would want your site to be one of the first on the search results page right? So you would want to have the term "2008 Ford Mustang" as the topic of your Mustang page. This means that the search term words have some value. The closer to the actual search term, the higher your page should be on the list of hits. You certainly want to be on the first result page. Very few people go to the 2nd or 3rd pages in the search results.

Keyword relevance to your webpage

In the HTML portion of your web pages there is a tag you can enter that defines the keywords that are pertinent to the page. It is in the <head> section and looks like this;
<meta name="keywords" content="all of your keywords go here like, 2008 Ford Mustang" />

These keywords are indexed by the search engines and checked against the content of the page to see if the page is relevant to the keywords. The search engines then give the page a rank which is how relevant to the keyword subject the actual page is. The better the rank, the closer to the top of the search results your page will be located.

Google is very aware of the value of keywords and pays close attention to them.

Google Adwords

Google's adword program is a way for a marketer to bid on certain very popular keywords and purchase the words to be used in Google's ad program. You have been on webpages that have "Ads by Google" on the sidebar or another location on the page. These ads are written by the marketer and specific keywords are tied to the ad. This means that if you want to be the first Ad position on a search you can buy the keywords and google will place you at the top. You pay a certain price (depending on the popularity of the word) every time someone clicks on your ad.  A marketer has written the short adword ad and bid on the keywords on the ad. Google then places the ad on a site that has relevance to the subject of the ad. The marketer pays from a few cents to several dollars to google if a visitor clicks on the ad. This makes sense because the marketer knows that you are already searching for something and their ad on that page is relevant to your search so you may click through to get more information. It is a type of direct marketing. Caution-this is not really for the beginner. You could spend quite a few dollars very quickly placing advertisements on pages and possibly not seeing any real click through to your site. For more information follow the link below.

Google Adsense

Adsense is also connected to keywords.
From the information above on Adwords, we talked about the Google sponsored ads on web pages. Remember that you as a marketer have written and sponsored an adword ad that shows on the results page.
Now-we have written a webpage to sell "2008 Ford Mustang" cars. We would like to add value to our page (in Google's eyes) so we are going to let google put some sponsored ads on our page. The adwords ads. Google places a few ads that directly relate to our subject of Mustangs on our web page. An ad about Mustang parts, Mustang accessories, etc. Why would we do this? Google will place relevant ads but not competitive ads if you set it up that way. We sell cars not accessories right? Remember, the actual ads are for a marketer that is paying for the keywords used (adwords) and now those ads are on our page. Here is where the money is. If a visitor clicks on any of the sponsored ads on your page, you get paid a percentage of the amount of money that the advertiser is paying for the keywords on the ad. This could be anywhere from a few cents per click to a dollar or more per click. This is called PPC or Pay Per Click. Google and the advertiser are paying you to advertise their product on your web pages. It is not large sums of money but it can add up quickly depending upon your sites content, keywords and relevance to the subject. This is the major income stream in niche marketing covered on the Niche page.

We used Google in these examples because they are the largest search company but Microsoft, Yahoo and other search engines do very similar things.

For more on the Google products go to and select Advertising Programs.

Now we go to the SEO and pagerank page to learn how to get to the top of the search pages and get more page clicks.

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