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Just the Basics - A beginners guide to Internet Marketing

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Starting Internet Marketing

Grab a tablet and start taking notes, writing down questions, answers and ideas. Never be far from your notes.  They will come in handy throughout your education and especially when you start building your business.

As a beginning internet marketer, I'm sure that you have about a million questions. Even a lot of questions you probably haven't thought of yet.

Some of your questions may be:

Can I really make money on the internet?
Is this something I can do?
Just how is this done?
And how does all of this work?
What do I need to know in order to succeed?
What opportunities are there?
Can it be done fast?

The important answer is YES you can do this and make a great living too!!

The thing about beginning internet marketing is that most people get confused or find that it's just not as easy as some of the fancy internet marketing sites say, so they just get frustrated and give up.  Well, we didn't give up, and with this site you won't either. So learn and act from these pages and you will find that it will all be worth it!   It will be REALLY worth it!

By now you have seen some of the internet marketing pages that say that you can make tons of money in a very short time. Well, this is not exactly true. Yes there are a few products out of many thousands that you can market and see small profits in a short time, and only for a short time, but what exactly have you learned by doing this. All you have learned is how to take another marketers product (along with countless other people doing the same thing-a saturated market) and follow their directions. You make a little cash and the original marketer is getting rich on your marketing effort selling their product.

Don't work for someone else, work for yourself

Time is money in this business-don't waste it!

Don't quit your day job just yet. It takes a certain kind of person to do this type of work. Internet marketing IS a job. Ok, it is a really fun job but it is a job after all. It takes time, patience, a small amount of capital to start and a lot of dedication. So set some short term and long term goals in order to stay on track and have a measurement of your progress. Write them down in your notebook!

Some short term goals could include; a week or two to take an internet marketing training course, a day or two to decide what you want to market on line, a day to draw out a schematic of what you want your web site to look like including all pages, artwork, and general text ideas, learn a little bit of html and web page design and maybe join a marketing club for ideas and support. It has been reported that 85 to 95 percent of the people that attempt internet marketing fail. This is usually due to their not being taught how to create their own continuous cash flow and also just not sitting down and doing it. It is important to stick to it and spend an hour or two every evening planning and executing.

In order to really make money on the internet you will have to learn money making ways that are reproducible and can be re-created over and over again. By doing this you will be crafting the knowledge of how to maintain a constant flow of income that will build over time.

Ah yes, time. It takes time to get a business started and to make it grow. There is no "Magic Site" for immediate wealth (don't believe the hype). It just takes some time, some capital and a bit of work. If you are willing to spend a few hours a day for a few weeks learning the basics and how all of the different programs and pieces fit together, you can make a very good living online.

Learn the basics first - create some web sites-promote your sites and products-get the sites indexed and at the top of the search engines. When these steps have been completed  and people are visiting your site (traffic), you will be making money! When this amount is large enough to cover all of your living expenses it will be time to become independent, and then you can quit your day job!  Whoo Hoo you made it!

There are many ways to make money on the internet.
You can sell another companies product, your own product, a niche product, an information product or physical products such as would be sold from an e-bay store. And many more...

Most common products sold are digital products. Digital products can be sold and then downloaded to the purchaser in the form of an E-Book or other digital type of content. There is no physical product unless you want to print a copy. These are usually informational in nature such as an e-book on a specific topic, a how to guide or a training program such as “how to create a home business”. These are the most common types of the "get rich today" programs that we see all of the time. Some good information but not information that a real beginner can use just yet.

In order for us to attain our money making goals we will need to learn just how all of this is put together, and how it all works, in a way that we can duplicate over and over again.

Some of the things we need to learn are:

Domains-what they are and how they work
Web sites and web pages-how to design and build your internet presence
Products to sell, resell or how to create your own, including marketing of the products
Google Adwords and Adsense and how they work
Niche marketing
Page rank and SEO
Affiliate marketing
Web tools
Some of the shadier products-scams
And much much more.

Choose the appropriate links on the right for more in depth information.
Hint: Start with getting started.

Getting Started
SEO-page rank
Niche areas
Affiliate marketing
Shady stuff-Scams
Web tools-NEW
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