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In the beginning we were all absolute novices. So as a complete marketing beginner, what do we do? We start looking around for the information that we don't have and yet feel that we need. So like most people we all Google search for information to get the knowledge that we know we need and did not even know we needed. We search and read and search some more. Wasting time, learning fragmented information and getting nowhere. The trouble is that the information that we find is usually not much help. Instead of being confused, we are now really confused. Tired of searching?

Time to take a training course!

In the beginning, we searched, we purchased and we wasted time and money. A lot of time and money. What we really needed (and you do too!) is a concise, easy, hands on training program that gives you the information and tools you will you need to succeed in this business. It is impossible to state this enough. Quit wasting time and learn the ropes!

Profit Lance       Training

Profit Lance is not just another e-book attempting to teach you marketing skills. Profit Lance is much, much more. This is just the most comprehensive package of training materials we have come across. Michael Andrews spent 14 months putting together this material in order to teach the beginning marketer all of the skills necessary to build a long term marketing presence that can be used over and over again. Rated the #1 training source.

Here is a short list of some of the training he provides:

Lifetime membership to the entire site. Constantly updated with new information.
*  Easy to read and understand instructions, step by step tutorials, to help you build multiple working streams of income.
*  In depth niche site building, adwords, adsense, traffic generation and so much more.
*  An easy to navigate web interface.
*  Tons of tips and tricks and lots of resources.
*  Tutorials and hands on training.
*  A large section on getting traffic to your site including; blogging, article marketing, pay-per click, press releases  and social bookmarking.
*  Video training covering all aspects from beginner to advanced skills. From overviews to advanced marketing.
*  11 pre-built ready to go websites. Can be making money in a few days.

For a beginner-This product is mandatory. Learn the ins and outs of internet marketing so that you can progress to a self sustaining income stream!

Here is the link to Mark's best deal:  Profit Lance

Hosted Domain and Web site.  You have to have one of each!   Host and Domain.

One of the first things you will need after training is a hosted domain. This is really 2 different things. A hosting account and a domain name. A hosting account is a place that holds all of your different web sites and pages and is your connection to the internet. Kind of like an ISP for internet access. Then you will need a domain name for your web site. There are hundreds of companies that provide these services but as was covered in the previous pages, you want a fast, dependable (and reasonably priced) company that has all of the tools and support that you will need. Uptime of your site is crucial. If the host is down, so is your business and no one can afford that. Remember-make your domain name pertinent to the content of the site. If you are selling Ford trucks on your site, call it something like and not

By far and above our two favorite hosting and web site companies are HostGator and BlueHost.
HostGator is one of the easiest hosting companies with award winning up time and BlueHost  has a great list of free extras that could come in handy as you progress through your marketing training.

Both have all of the pieces that you will need at very decent prices. Both have hosting and domain name services as well as a number of free add on products.

Either of these companies will more than suffice for any of your current and future needs.

HostGator's start page:  HostGator
BlueHost's start page:  BlueHost

A couple more tools to get started - Not needed immediately.

Aweber      AutoResponder (e-mail system)      A smart decision

One of the great money making additions to your site is an email reply box. A prospective client puts their name and e-mail address in the fields and are added to your mailing list. The list is used to e-mail opt-in people with site updates and other information or products. A built in marketing campaign of interested clients. Your list can never be to big.

The most popular autoresponder is Aweber. It is a few dollars more than some lesser products but it is also the most powerful and most respected.

A few of Aweber's strong points are:
*  Send e-mail news letters to your opt-in list
*  Publish a signup to your web site
*  Create autoresponders to automatically e-mail on certain events or triggers
*  Create e-mail campaigns
*  A large supply (75 at last count) of e-mail templates
*  Fantastic customer support
*  Many additional products to expand your marketing strength

So when you are ready to jumpstart your web presence go to Aweber for the best in e-mail management systems and autoresponders.

More information found here: Aweber

Samurai Stealth Cloaker      Link cloaking      A smart decision

One of the new and current issues with affiliate marketing is link spoofing. This is where a person hovers over a link for an affiliate site on your web page and notices your cryptic affiliate address and modifies it so that the interested client on your page is re-directed to their site thus stealing your client. This is not good. There are a few companies that provide a product that changes the affiliate link to a link that can't be changed. So what you say? Let's say they steal a couple of sales a day from you. Each sale is $20.00 times 2 equals $40.00 a day. This is $140 a week or $560 a month. You get the idea. It can add up fast. So in order to protect your hard earned sales from the bad guys we suggest picking up a link cloaker.

To get the very best cloaker:  Samurai Stealth Cloaker

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