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Affiliate marketing is where a merchant pays a commission or percentage to an affiliate for promoting, marketing or selling their product.

Affiliate Marketing is the easiest and fastest way to make a good income for beginning internet marketers.

Being an affiliate marketer means that you have to find a product that you believe in and can market in a sometimes saturated market. It is important that you believe in the product so that you don't come off as just another marketer promoting a number of products just for the money. These marketers are sometimes quite transparent. You have seen the sites. Usually some type of review site listing the top 10 or so "best" affiliate products. It is much better to market products that you have used or are still using since they are the ones you can market from prior knowledge. It is much easier to write about a subject that you are familiar with, than a subject that you have only read about.

We have tried quite a few different affiliate programs. Some of them were quite good and made us a little bit and of course, some of them were not so good and cost us money.

The difference between good and bad affiliates have many different criteria:

*  The landing page (marketing or sales page) is probably written by a professional copywriter. These people know how to work your emotions and will, step by step, dissolve your questions and concerns. We have to be able  to "read between the lines" a bit to figure if the product is really valid. No one can help us in that respect. We just need to research the company and their product prior to purchase or marketing. These pages are there to sell us the product-don't lose focus on the fancy text. Try to look deeper and find the main points of the sales pitch.

*  If it sounds to good to be true-it probably is. Nuff said.

*  Some of the affiliate sites and products are not very well put together. The product will work but you have to have an infrastructure and product marketing knowledge set up in order to capitalize on the product. A domain, hosting, web pages built and a very good understanding of how to market and monetize the information given you from the product. This does not mean that the product is a scam. But it does mean that we are probably not prepared to use this product yet. We read the hype, get sold on the concept (dream), purchase the product and then attempt to use the product. Whoa-wait a minute! I did the step by step instructions but what do they mean? This happens way to often. We purchase the product and then find that we are not practiced enough to make it work right away. As a beginning internet marketer we need products that are relatively easy to do and will both make us some money and also teach us techniques that we can use over and over again. Most of these products do not teach you that. They are happily taking your money and then leaving the beginner hanging. They are getting rich selling you a dream.

*  So, if we make a few dollars on one affiliate site, we just need a whole bunch of affiliates on a page to make big money right?   No.   The search engines look for this type of site and either list them at the bottom of the stack or de-list them altogether. The search engines see sites like these as a type of marketing spam site. Not good. You do want to market your affiliate sites on pages that you have written that are content correct for the particular product that you are promoting. This shows the search engines that your content is relevant to the affiliate links you have listed.

*  In order to not get scammed when shopping for an affiliate product, there are a few things to check for.
Is there contact information on the site?
Is there a web page or just contact information?
Is there an actual product being promoted and sold?
The site should be free to join, at least at first. Sometimes you have to sign up for additional information. We believe that having to pay just to see what the product has to offer is just bad ethical business. Watch out for them.

*  Once you become an affiliate of a product, you are setting up a marketing and sales campaign for the particular product. You have written the information and built a sales page for the product. So now you expect a commission for the product when it sells. What some people do is read the material and you have sold them on the product but they leave your site and go directly to the products site and make the purchase thinking that they will save some money. What they do not understand is that the price of the product is sometimes higher at the owners site as opposed to purchasing through the affiliates site. The affiliates have an advantage in pricing in some cases. Also as an affiliate you have lost the commission if the customer bypassed you. It is a sad situation but one that happens sometimes. Of course you can try to hide the original site but that is really not very honest and we suggest you don't do business that way. You just have to trust your customers.

Read, analyze, research and use your head when looking for affiliate programs, or any other programs for that matter. After all, the final decision is up to you. Don't let your emotions make the decision for you! Use your analytical head instead.

Once you have learned the ropes, you will want to try a few easy affiliate sites.

Time to make some money.

Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle and Carson started just like we all did. Learning how to market by trial and error and a lot of researching and learning over time. Well they made it to the point where they were doing great. Then they created a marketing community in order to help other people succeed in their beginning marketing endeavors. A marketing community is a group of like minded people working on various marketing topics, programs and skills and sharing with the group.
Now they are going to save you the time.
These guys want you to succeed and have set up their company to help you realize your goals in a very systematic way.

A few of the topics covered at WA are:

1.  Step by step how to make a steady income online.
2.  Resources to walk you through all marketing techniques.
3.  An eight week invaluable training course to cover the basics.
4.  Lots of tools to help you research different marketing ideas.
5.  Hands on training from other members and the owners Kyle and Carson too.
6.  An opportunity to work and learn from the thousands of members that are in the forums.
7.  All of the tools, resources, service and support that you need to get started.

This is a perfect place to start to learn the basics as well as further hone your skills and enhance your on line business skills.

Don't pass this one up. It's Great. Get Kyle and Carson's Wealthy Affiliate  for more information on this absolutely fantastic community.

SiteSell and SiteBuildIt

Here is another fantastic marketing community. We love these guy's too.

Since 1997, SiteSell has been helping people build genuine, profitable, ever growing business. "Business on the web" seems like one big unbeatable mystery. SBI owners often start from that point, and often with zero-knowledge. They venture forth though. Step by step, they build business and freedom.
Oh yeah. This program and community is taught at many universities in their marketing programs. Now that is quite a triumph.
Try their RISK FREE 30 day trial at SiteSell

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