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A beginners guide to internet marketing

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         So you want to be an Internet Marketer?

Good! There is plenty of room for more people promoting, selling and advertising online and there are always great opportunities to make a little or a lot of money depending upon YOU.

First,  you happened upon this site by typing a search phrase into your favorite search engines search bar and received about 1 to 4 million pages that were relevant to your search. Now as a searcher you will probably look at the first page of results and maybe even the second page but chances are you will not go any deeper. When you get your own internet marketing site built and on line ask yourself "what page do you want to be on?" You had better have said page 1. This is called page rank and is covered in this sites information pages. This is just some of the information that you absolutely have to understand.

Secondly,  you have seen a large number of "get rich" sites asking you for $47 to $97 USD in order to receive the "absolutely guaranteed" way to get "instantly rich" on the internet.

Since this is a beginners internet marketing site, we assume that you really are a beginner and not intermediate or professional so, here is the first rule: Don't even think about purchasing any of the get rich products. We mean it! Just don't do it! Please do not waste your hard earned money. You will see why in the following pages.

The important thing that you need as a beginner is information that you can trust.

You have questions and we have answers. Quite a number of questions are answered here as well as a good background to all of the pieces that you will need to learn in order to be successful as an internet marketer.

This site will take about 30 minutes of your time and is well worth the effort to go through the beginners information found here. This is a crucial step in your education. There is no other site that will explain how to REALLY get started in the internet marketing business.

We will also answer most of your questions concerning all of the different parts of running a very successful internet marketing campaign.

Lets have some fun and get started toward your new future as an internet marketer

Welcome to your # 1 information resource for starting a successful internet business including training, information and known business models that really work.

This site is for the beginning internet marketer.

It includes a beginners guide to internet marketing,
beginners tips,
terms, explanations,
reviews of products,
some ideas on scams,
known marketing products that just plain work,
and is an introduction to home based business and beginning internet marketing.

So Who Are We?

Some time ago, we as a family decided that we wanted to try to make some extra income so we had some mad money to do things that our family budget just would not allow. So like a lot of people, we started looking at home based business opportunities on the internet. After looking around for a while, reading the claims, purchasing some of the products and quickly becoming more confused (and angry feeling ripped off), we decided we needed a fast marketing education and better information on how to start. We found what we were looking for after awhile. We studied, we learned and we put that education into practice and it works.

So, we put this beginners guide to internet marketing together for you so that you can realize your dreams faster.

Truthfully answer a few of these questions:
  • Are you currently working to hard for your money?
  • Do you want to spend more time doing the things you want to do?
  • Are you wanting to retire early?
  • Want to take that "Dream" vacation?
  • Quit worrying about all of those bills?
  • Do you want a better life for your family?
Say goodbye to all of these worries
You are about to start on a new worry free life

We will answer these questions and many more in the following pages.

Wow!!!. Check out some of these fantastic claims.
Make a million dollars a year!   Own yachts, planes and mansions!
$1,000 dollars a day!  Just spend a few hours a day in front of your computer in your robe.   You can do this within a few hours!    Easy money!

We know you’ve seen the ads.   We are now to educated to believe them.

     If it was that easy, everyone on the planet would be doing this, wouldn't they?

We are certainly not saying that these goals are not possible, because they are, in time, but these "get rich quick products" are not always telling you the whole story. There is a lot of information we need to accumulate in order to actively pursue a consistent money making internet business and that is why this site exists.

We will never ask you for money!

We want you to succeed!   Really, we do.

Knowledge and training is the path to success in this business.

There are several tiers of knowledge and skills in making money on the internet.

Everyone starts out as a beginner, then with knowledge and experience becomes a wealthy internet marketer.

So we set up this site to cover what a beginner needs to know in order to grow their business into a very lucrative and consistent online money making machine.

With a little time and effort you won't be a beginner very long.

A beginning internet marketer needs to know how all of the pieces of this internet marketing puzzle are put together. This is not covered very well in the get rich quick programs that are available on line and because of that most beginners fail to make much money, if any at all using these products.

This is a very important point.

We need to get the ground rules understood otherwise we are just following someone else's pre-defined steps for short term success and not learning how to duplicate the process for a long term source of continuous income.

You don't want to be a person shooting for short term goals, you want to learn how to consistently duplicate successful methods so that you can create and control several successful business's at the same time. All this takes is a little knowledge and practice.

Lets get started making some money - after all that's why we're here.

The first thing a person needs to start an internet business is a fast and easy education on all of the steps that need to be taken to create a very profitable online business.

Some of the most basic questions are:

  *  Where do I get training and information that is simple and easy?
  *  What does all of this mean? What are all of the steps?
  *  How do I start the business and what kind of business do I want?
  *  What do I need to get started?
  *  What businesses are not just trying to take my money? No Scams ever.
  *  What are the proven money making programs and how are they done?
  *  How do I build the business? More traffic (site visits), more money.

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First you will want to bookmark this page (CTRL-D) because you will want to continue to come back for continuing information. Don't skip school. Here we go.

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